"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers."- Issac Asimov

"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers."- Issac Asimov


Readiness & Writing: Lab designed for pre-school children who are not ready to write and need more instruction on how to hold a pencil, fine motor exercises, identification of hand dominance, formation of lines and shapes.

Printing: Lab designed for students from K-2nd grade who need help with correct pencil grasp, letter formation, sizing, spacing, number formation, and sentences.

Cursive: Lab designed for students from 3rd-5th grade who need help with cursive formation of letters, words, sentences and writing efficiency.

Penmanship Labs are designed to boost a child's confidence and efficiency in written work to succeed in school and beyond. It is never too early to introduce handwriting skills (i.e. pencil or crayon grasp, strength and dexterity through fine motor exercises, drawing, letter formation, and early writing enjoyment) or to provide remediation for bad handwriting habits (i.e. pencil grasp and letter formation). The labs offer a FUN multi-sensory approach that incorporate games, arts/crafts, gross/core strengthening and visual motor exercises to improve handwriting skills. Offering small labs (handwriting coach/student ratio 1:4-6) allows for a personalized experience to help students learn good handwriting habits, letter formation and proper pencil grasp. (Labs are offered throughout the year. All labs are taught by Leslie Catlett, OTR/L.)

(Please note: While I am a professional in the Occupational Therapy field, my services are considered tutoring and not therapy. Therefore, these services are considered private pay ONLY and insurance is not accepted.)