"When students do not adequately develop handwriting skills, the negative implications can be lifelong.  Without consistent exposure to handwriting, research indicates that students can experience difficulty in certain processes required for success in reading and writing..."

-Conti, 2012; Berninger, 2012; Case-Smith, 2012; Peverly, 2012



"Structured handwriting programs can lead to improved writing performance, academic success, and overall student self-esteem." - Graham and Harris, 2005; Graham, Harris, Fink, 2000; Berninger et. al 1997; Jones and Christensen, 1999



"An estimated 25-33% of students are struggling to achieve competency in [handwriting]." -Conti, G. 2012



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Top 4 Reasons Handwriting Is Important

  1. It helps bump up grades and test scores- focusing on learning to make writing a natural and automatic skill allows letters and words to be legible. Poor handwriting can impede academic performance.
  2. It puts the focus on the content of the written work- More natural and automatic handwriting increases concentration on the contents rather than the mechanics of writing. In turn, boosting confidence for academics and leading to better communication skills.
  3. It is a requirement for many jobs- A recent monster search revealed that positions in security systems, healthcare and engineering, and childcare require legible handwriting in their job descriptions. This indicates the importance of handwriting skills for lifelong success.
  4. It is an everyday communication skill- If teachers can't read a child's writing, they can't properly grade their work. Children are required to perform handwriting skills on a daily basis in school and at home. They take notes, complete homework, take test, and so much more.

      -Resource, HWT Connections, 2011